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Much like the wearer, every garment has individual needs and drserves the utmost care and respect.



We closely examine each garment to determine the most effective cleaning technique, Stains,embroidery, embellishents and discolorations are taken into account when designing treatment methods. Your garment's care is custom-fashioned to guarantee optimum results.



Once you garment has been put through rigorous inspection, it is carefully finished and packaged.



We also take pride in producing the highest quality Dry Cleaning while protection the environment. Our commitment to the environment is esential to the future of our business, therefore we make it one of our highest priorities. We use the latest technological Dry Cleaning equipment avaliable to the industry to ensure the protection of our Eco-system, our clients, our neighbors, and our staff



Smooth, buttery & cool to the touch . .


Fine leather and suede are luxury textiles. Treat them as such with restorative treatments and special care.


Over time, your leather and suede garments will naturally lose color. Additionally, the loss of natural oils will result in creases and dryness. Hangers combats this natural deterioration by adding oils and pigments during the restoration process.


Regular care extends the life of your leather and suede items. You can trust Prestige to keep your leather goods looking as good as new.


Cleaned, pressed and ready to wear . . 


Hangers Garment care takes laundering to another level with care, precision and meticulous attention. We closely inspect each garment prior to cleaning to ensure that your shirt is crisp, clean and stain-free.


Stains are pre-treated with a powerful yet non-abrasive solution. Once all stains and discolorations have been addressed, your shirt is gently cleaned. For the final touches, your shirt is inspected, pressed and missing buttons are replaced. The finished product is a garment that looks as sharp as the day you bought it.


After your garment has been cleaned and pressed, you may elect to have it neatly folded and boxed, or received on a hanger.


Having your shirts professionally laundered with Hangers is a great way to keep them in optimal condition for years to come.


Memories to last a lifetime . . .


Gown cleaning


You've dreamt of the perfect dress since childhood - sauntering down the aisle in a flowing gown, the delicately beaded bodice catching the sunlight as the slippery white satin glides against your skin. Keep those wedding dress memories forever, as pure and beautiful as the day itself.


After your wedding celebration, bring your gown to Hangers for a professional cleaning. Our experts will inspect your gown for any stains, spills or marks that may have occurred on your big day. The drops of champagne that landed on your lap, the crumbles of wedding cake that became embedded in the beading, and the marks from that lipgloss that leaked from your purse are erased. Your gown will be as clean and beautiful as it was the day you fell in love with it.


Gown restoration


Turn that yellowing vintage gown in grandma's attic into the shimmering white garment of your dreams. Our specialized technique restores seasoned wedding gowns to their original, snowy white beauty.









Soft, silken luxury for years to come . .


The most lavish article of clothing you may own, fur is an ageless classic. With a little care, fur can stand the test of time. Preserve and protect your fur with regular cleanings to remove dirt and oil. Finish with a glaze treatment, imparting a glamorous sheen.


Don't allow your fur to be jostled around in a cramped closet. During warmer seasons, store your garment in one of our temperature controlled vaults.


Regular maintenance will ensure that your fur stays plush and sumptuous for generations to come.


Whatever your garments need as a part of alteration from the minor

  repair to a major adjustment - we make it right for you every time. 

  We provide :

        • Hemming of dresses, skirts and pants 

        • Replacing  and reinforcing button

       .  Zipper Replacement, Fasteners 

        • Letting out and taking in of dresses, skirts, and pants 

        • Patching jacket and pants 

        - Sleeves Shortening and Reweaving 

        *Resizing coatsuit for both men and women, and much more. 


  Our professional alteration services personnel will alter your garments  to your perfection. Our trained pickup crew will measure your garments  for alterations, or you may markup yourself to suit your needed  alterations. 


For help with any alteration or repair, simply bring the garment at our 

  locations. We'll be happy to assist you. We makes the adjustments and     makes it fit neatly.

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